Finding My Forever Book One


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Oh God, here he comes now. Okay, he actually greeted me. Now I need to say something… anything. Run down my internal checklist—Step One: wipe drool from mouth; I wiped my mouth; check. Step Two: open mouth and speak; say something… come on, anything… nope, I got nothing. Step Three: refer to Step One and repeat.
Sigh. This gorgeous man now thinks I’m a moron.
Of course, I know that my secret—okay, not so secret—crush, Reese Willoughby, could never have any interest in me anyway. There’s just no way that he hasn’t noticed me openly ogling him at work. I know everyone else in the office has surely seen it.
When Reese finally asks for my help with a work project, I can’t help but feel over the moon. Now I can only hope that he notices just how much I like him, because there is no way I’m about to make the first move.
***Everything In Between is the first book in the series Finding My Forever, but is a standalone novel. Each book in the series will feature a different couple, but the couples will show up throughout the series. It is approximately 100,000 words and a contemporary romance between two men with explicit language and graphic sex intended for Adults Only.***
***Please beware that there is mention of child abuse that could be a trigger for some people.***


My mother yelled, “Oh my god, you’re with him right now? That’s him isn’t it?” Apparently that didn’t require an answer because she just powered on, “Oh, Leb, he has a sexy laugh. You spent the whole weekend with him, didn’t you? I know you were with him Friday and all day yesterday. I’m so happy for you, honey; you’re finally getting some,” she announced happily.
“Mom, please,” I pleaded. I looked through my fingers at Reese. He was looking down at me, completely amused.
“Okay, you’re bringing him to my house for dinner on Saturday,” she said it like there was no other choice.
“No way.” I sat up, not looking at him. “I can’t expose him to that. He’ll run for the hills.”
“Caleb, you are bringing him to dinner on Saturday. I mean it.”
“Mom,” I whined like a little kid, “I don’t want to. You’ll scare him away.”
“Fine, put him on the phone. I want to talk to him.”
What? No,” now I was shouting.
“Caleb Michael, put him on the phone right now.”
“No way, that’s way too embarrassing, Mom. No, I can’t do it,” I told her seriously.
“I will make it so much worse for you when I meet him if you don’t put him on the phone in the next twenty seconds.” I didn’t doubt her.
I glanced at Reese who smiled and held out his hand. I mouthed, “You don’t have to,” to him, but he just shrugged, smiled and pulled the phone from my hand.
“Hello Mrs. Maher,” he said into the phone as I watched in terror. She must have lowered her voice because I couldn’t really hear her; it just sounded like mumbles.
“Yes ma’am,” he said to whatever horrible thing my mother was telling him.
“No ma’am. My mother would kill me if she heard me address you by your first name.” There was a pause. “Okay, we can make that compromise, Mrs. Ann.” He looked at me with a bright smile as he said, “I care about your son very much.” Another pause. “Yes, ma’am, I would love to… okay… Yes… No… What do you want me to bring then?”
He glanced back at me with another smile and winked. I shook my head in wonder.
He said, “Okay, Mrs. Ann… Yes, here he is.” He handed the phone back to me.
“You are unbelievable,” I said to my crazy mother.
She completely ignored me again. “So be at the house at five o’clock sharp. Dinner won’t be until six, but we can do cocktails beforehand. I’ll tell your siblings to come too. Dad had to shock the pool this morning, but it should be good to go before then, so bring your suits. We’ll swim after dinner since the heater will be on. I’ll talk to you later, Leb.”
“Um, okay,” I said at a loss for words.
“Just so you know, the next time something big happens in your life, I don’t want to be the last one to find out.”
Way to throw on the guilt. “I know, Mom. I’m sorry.”
“Okay, well I’ll let you get back to your penis loving then,” she said matter-of-factly. I groaned, Reese laughed. “At least he thinks I’m funny. I think I might actually like your boyfriend for once, Leb.” I banged my forehead a couple times on Reese’s shoulder, but on she went, “You better not be late on Saturday, okay? I love you.”
“I love you too, Mom… I think.”
“Oh shut up, I’m not that bad.”
“That’s what you think.”
“Whatever, you little ass,” she said fondly. “I’ll talk to you soon, love you.”
“I love you too.” We hung up and I kept my forehead on Reese’s shoulder so I wouldn’t have to look at him as I waited for his response to her craziness.
“Wow, she’s something else,” he sounded awed. “I can’t wait to meet her.”
I sat up, “Are you serious? You don’t want to run away? Far away?”
He chuckled. “Nope. I’m actually looking forward to meeting her.”
“Oh,” I said dumbly.
He looked at me worriedly. “I mean, I hope that’s okay. I hope you don’t feel rushed or anything. If you think it’s too soon for me to meet your parents, then maybe we can figure out some kind of excuse or something, I don’t know. But I want to make a good impression so you might have to take the blame because, you know, I really want them to like me. I mean, do you think—”
I cut him off with a kiss on his lips, then mumbled against them, “I want you to meet them. I was just afraid they would scare you off.” I placed a chaste kiss then sat back. “You heard how she is. She can be a lot to take in, but she’s really a great person. The only reason I didn’t tell her about you yet was that I didn’t want her to push and make you uncomfortable. So are you sure you’re okay with her special form of crazy?” I asked with a smile.
He smiled at me. “I would love to meet her. Are you sure you’re okay with it?”
I leaned against his lips again. “Abso-fucking-lutely.” I smiled through a sweet, slow kiss.
“Okay, good. I was scared that I just messed up right there,” he said. I rubbed his stubbled cheek with my thumb and kissed his lips softly.
I whispered while rubbing his cheek, “I like this.”
“Really?” he asked. I nodded as I continued playing with his stubble. “Maybe I’ll keep it then.”
I may have growled a little before attacking his lips. He’s just that freaking sexy. We kissed for a while before he pulled away from me looking worried. I asked him, “What’s wrong?”
He said, “What about your dad? Is he going to be okay with me?”

Everything In Between: Finding My Forever Book 1

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Finding My Forever Book Two



I have felt alone in this world for a long time, so when new friends come into my life, I’m always afraid to let them get too close. I don’t know if I can risk my heart breaking when those people inevitably leave me. But I’m overwhelmed too. Overwhelmed and so incredibly lonely.

Unfortunately, my past has a way of finding me and I’m going to need some help at the coffee shop I own. But it’s hard to find someone you can trust with only three applicants, one of which happens to be an ex-con. My prospects aren’t looking very good.

When help comes from an unlikely source, will Harley’s past come back to haunt him? Will he let the surprising new friendship he’s found grow into something more, or will he let his rocky past hold him back on the things he needs most; friendship and love?

***A Little Bit Broken is the second book in the Finding My Forever series, but is a standalone novel. Each book in the series will feature a different couple, but the couples will show up throughout the series. It is over 106,000 words and a contemporary romance between two men with explicit language and graphic sex intended for Adults Only.***
***Please beware that there are situations of domestic abuse in this book that could be a trigger for some people.***

A Little Bit Broken: Finding My Forever Book 2

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Finding My Forever Book Three



My god, if I have to watch one more happy couple get together, I’m going to lose it completely and probably rip out all of my awesomely pink hair. My older brother is now married and has a family, my best friend is in a committed relationship, and the man I’ve wanted to be with for the last two years just can’t give me what I want… what I know I deserve… I need to do something, go somewhere else and clear my head.

So, when I get invited to a photographer’s convention in Florida, I jump at the chance. Now I can get away from all the coupled happiness around me and surround myself with… all the photographers from back home.

Well, crap.

Why didn’t I realize that I already knew half the people here? How did I not know that Andrew—the head of the jerk brigade—would be here too? Ugh. Well, at least I can hang out at the beach, right?

***Left Behind is the third book in the Finding My Forever series, but is a standalone novel. Each book in the series will feature a different couple, but the couples will show up throughout the series. It’s a contemporary romance between two men with explicit language and graphic sex intended for Adults Only.***

Left Behind: Finding My Forever Book 3


Andy watched his retreat for a minute, then suddenly turned to face me. He searched my shocked face for a moment, then huffed out a loud breath, turned on his heel, and headed toward the door.
I couldn’t help myself, I followed after him. I had no fucking idea why I felt this sudden need to comfort him or get him to talk to me, but I did, so I went with it.
“Andy, wait up,” I called out as I tried to catch up.
He didn’t even pause his movement.
“Will you just wait a second? Who was that guy?” I asked as I finally reached him, though I had to follow behind.
“Stop following me,” he said quietly over his shoulder.
“Are you okay?” I asked, still walking behind him.
He stopped and looked at me. “Why do you even care?”
I shrugged. “I dunno, but I do.”
He eyed me for a long moment, his face softening, his haunting eyes filled with pain. “Please don’t,” he whispered.
I searched his face. I wanted to take that pain away, but I didn’t know how. I whispered, “What did that guy do to you?”
He huffed out another breath and asked as he walked away from me again, “Would you just leave me alone?”
Determinedly, I followed him. “No, I’m not going to leave you alone. What the hell was that about in there?”
“Stop following me,” he said through clenched teeth, getting mad again, his soft face from a moment before completely gone now.
“I’m just walking through the hotel.” I clenched my fists in annoyance. “What the hell is your problem? I’m trying to be nice. Why are you being such an asshole to me?”
“I don’t like you.” Well, at least he’s honest too.
I huffed out, “I don’t like you either, but at least I don’t act like a complete dick to you every chance I get.”
“Why are you even still talking to me?” he asked as we walked into the lobby.
“I don’t know. You’re there, so I’m talking. Don’t change the subject. What was all that back there? Why’d you go off on that guy like that, huh?”
His jaw clenched, but he didn’t say anything.
“Are you incapable of answering my question?”
His jaw somehow clenched even further.
“Oh, I see, now that you have to face me, you have nothing to say. So fucking typical. Every time I walk by, you have plenty of snide remarks to sneer out at me, but now you’re quiet. What the hell, asshole? Did you think I couldn’t hear you every time you said derogatory comments at my expense over the past few years?” I overemphasized the last word because he pissed me off.
“Are you capable of keeping your mouth shut for more than five seconds?” His face was turning red, probably from all of the jaw clenching.
I shrugged. “I have a lot to say. You going to tell me what was going on back there?”
“Can you please just leave me alone?”
“Seriously, dude? If you would just talk to me—or something maybe I would leave you alone afterwards. It’s not hard, just open your mouth and sounds come out. You should try it.”
“Just stop.”
“Nope.” I popped the ‘p’ to annoy him further and grinned.
He rolled his eyes. “You are incredibly annoying.”
“It’s my specialty. Tell me. Was that guy your ex or something? How do you know him? He seemed like a total dick, by the way. I thought I was gonna have to jump in there for a second, but then, when he sa—”
“Please. Stop. Talking,” he ground out angrily.
“Why? You afraid if you have a real conversation with me that you might actually like me?” I asked.
He stopped walking and faced me. “Just shut the hell up!”
I stopped next to him. “Make me,” I challenged with narrowed eyes.
“Maybe I will,” he yelled. I could practically see the anger burning red-hot on his skin and climbing up his neck.
“Oh yeah? How the fuck do you think you’re gonna do that?!” I shouted back.
He growled angrily and before I had time to react, he had ahold of my shoulders and his mouth was crashing into mine with so much force that I stumbled backwards, but he steadied me with his strong hands, not allowing me to fall. When I gasped in surprise, he forced his tongue into my mouth and I hungrily met it with my own. I fisted his shirt in my hands between us and moaned. Low and loud.
That sound seemed to snap him out of it because he broke the kiss, jerking his head back, and stared at me with a shock ridden look on his stupid, handsome face. He seemed just as surprised by the kiss as I felt. He just stared at me for a moment, his hands still gripping my shoulders.
Of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. “Well, that’s one way to go about it.”
He growled—or maybe groaned—and released me, then turned on his heel and walked away.
I shouted after him, “Next time, maybe lead with that!”
He flipped me the bird over his head as he walked out the door.
I ran a hand over my face before turning to head back up to my room, but was stopped by the sound of Miranda’s voice. “That was really hot.”
I rolled my eyes at her and spat out, “Yeah, whatever.” Then I walked right past her before she could start questioning me and—god, no—asking me about my feelings—again. I shuddered at the thought as I climbed into the elevator.
I didn’t leave my room the rest of the night because I couldn’t stop replaying that kiss in my head. It was hot as fuck and if I was being honest with myself, it lit up my entire body… and it had only lasted a few seconds. I couldn’t stop imagining what it would be like if we kissed for longer than that—and in other places. Dammit, it made my whole body tingle just thinking about it. How could that ass of a man make me feel that way? What a dick.

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A Finding My Forever Short Story



Watching him dance from that stage is mesmerizing. He is beyond gorgeous. Too bad I freeze every single time he tries to speak to me. If I could just talk to him, maybe I could… ugh, who am I kidding? He would never go for someone like me when he looks like, well, like that.

I’m a nervous wreck when I get roped into going out with Ezra and the other dancers, but somehow Ezra makes me feel more comfortable and I slowly start to let him in. Turns out, he’s not just a sexy dancer; he’s a sweet guy too.

When the two men connect, will Jamie be able to open himself up to what Ezra is offering, or will he let the fear of rejection and heartbreak ruin what could be?

***Falling in Time is a standalone short story, but takes place in the Finding My Forever world, so some of the characters may have cameos. It’s approximately 16,000 words and a contemporary romance between two men with explicit language and graphic sex intended for Adults Only.***



Michele is married to an awesome husband that puts up with her and all the characters in her head—and there are many. They live together in Baltimore, Maryland with their two young boys and two crazy dogs. She grew up dancing and swimming and taught dance—ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, & modern—for ten years before her kids came along. Now she stays home to write about the sexy men in her head and does PTA everything—as long as coffee is involved. Two other tattooed moms run the PTA with her, and though she wants to rip her hair out from it, she still loves it.


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