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Dark Cover[103798]

Beautiful Ashes Trilogy
Book 1
By Author Lora Ann
Genre: Steamy Dark Romance,

New Adult & College Romance,

Supernatural Thriller


Desperate people commit desperate acts.
All-consuming desperation led her to deceive herself, her sister, and the man she loves.
Keeley Kincaid is in over her head—trading one addiction for another. She’s convinced she can handle it and hold everything together.
But deception has a mind of its own.
Enter the world where lines blur. Nothing is as it seems. Good and evil come together in a macabre display. And at the heart of it all beats the drum of deceiving those loved most. Can love and light ever penetrate such darkness?

Dark Craved Teaser[103799]


Darkness consumed the young woman. The dream was evident with every violent thrash she gave, yet something told her there was so much more. Cold sweat drenched her body as a monster from the past rose up to claim her, again. She should have fought. Should’ve demanded he stop. Problem was, she not only relished what his sadistic torture brought to life inside her, but savored it. Craved it. Wanted more and more until the demon fully possessed her. She invited him in as an adored lover welcomed her mate. His violence was familiar, comforting. She was as acquainted with his wrath as her own skin. Yes, Keeley was his and he knew it, demanding she bleed out for him—only him. With an enraged kick across the bed, she knocked over the bedside table, slicing her foot on a lamp that broke. The smell of blood wafted through the air, increasing her desire. She needed him to fuck her. To bathe in her life source until she ran dry.
The devil sneered as he took a bite of her innermost parts, draining her of every ounce of essence she could provide. And she only wanted to give him more as he took with a vengeance, malevolence raging to have her. From the grave he wrapped his decaying fingers around her throat and squeezed. “Give it to me, Keeley,” his seductive voice commanded.
Something in that awakened another side of her. A spark of light, she long considered forever extinguished, incessantly attempted to shine. The flame required her oxygen, her fuel to burn. Burn with a brilliance. Burn with a purpose. The demon roared and writhed beneath the ever-present love that wouldn’t let him take what was so clearly his. She wanted him, unmistakably claimed his wickedness as her own. He could give her what that damnable light never could. She was addicted to pain as if it’d become her new brand of heroin. He raged in fury at the flickering, tiny spark that refused to go out and let him have his prize. It was so weak, so pathetic, if he could convince her to put it out, once and for all, they could reign together. He’d have his queen to do with as he pleased—when he pleased. Never permitting death. An eternity of torture and pain he knew she yearned for in the deep recesses of her soul. Yes, her soul was what he fought for.
And he would have it!
All of a sudden, when he violently slammed his cock inside her forbidden hole he felt a pain like no other, screaming, the demon withdrew and examined his prized possession. Worry knitted his brow as he saw the decay climbing along his proud manhood. His hand shook as his body shuddered. What was happening? He searched rapidly to find the source of this new development. That was when he saw it, rising from the ashes. The damnable flair coming to life, still struggling to hold on, but fight it was doing. Immeasurable love blinding him as he shielded his eyes. He had to take care of that before it gained any more strength. In an instant, his quest shifted. Destroy that light, that fucking love, and she was his forevermore. He backed into the shadows he was so accustomed to, studying his newest foe. But his queen had more than one holding that light alive.
He hissed, “Lacey and those damn Strand brothers,” before realizing that, while Keeley’s sister and her new family posed a threat, she wasn’t his biggest adversary. No. The one called Tar was going to valiantly fight for her.
His maniacal laugh caused the troubled Keeley to rise, terror in her eyes as they darted around the room. She couldn’t see him, of course. He stepped closer and ran his hand through her hair and whispered, “Your knight will not save you. Love isn’t what you desire. Only I can give you what you need. Mark my words, beauty, he shall die. And you will be the one to destroy him.”
Keeley screamed and screamed and screamed until her vocal chords refused to function. Her eyes blinked rapidly, for she knew—she knew—her monster spoke the truth. If she permitted Tar into her heart, she would be his executioner. No more thought entered her mind as she moved like a robot. This was rote to her. Bag in hand, she snuck out like a thief acknowledging she could never return, yet if it kept Tar alive and safe, she’d gladly pay the price of loneliness. A light like his should never come in contact with the obsidian that was her.
Darkness smiled as he laced his fingers with hers and tugged her into a world she would never escape. He had won, after all.

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Goodreads TBR

Fire Cover[103800]


Beautiful Ashes Trilogy
Book 2
By Author Lora Ann
Genre: Steamy Dark Romance,

New Adult & College Romance, Supernatural Thriller


The highly anticipated continuation of Keeley and Tar’s journey has arrived and battle lines have been drawn.

Keeley’s world goes pitch black when she’s caught in one too many lies that destroy the only man who ever loved her. Taunted by the demons of addiction and pain, she fights to become the woman Tar deserves.

Every fiber of Tar’s being wants to rip things to shreds. Driven by rage and anger, he’s damn sure there’s nothing he can change to fix it. And it doesn’t alter the facts…Keeley has done the one thing he isn’t sure he can ever forgive.

Tar and Keeley need love and light, but when a ruthless cartel takes Tar’s brother, he and Keeley must come together in the ultimate battle against the darkness … but it has other plans.

Fire Tar Teaser[104236]


Keeley reached forward to smooth out that deep V between his eyes and heard his deep intake of breath. So much to say but she wasn’t sure how long her voice would cooperate, or if he’d be able to hear her raspy whisper. Frustration filled her, spilling down her cheeks, which brought more worry to his brutally handsome face. “I’m sorry. So, so sorry for hurting you.” She wiped the flowing tears away and continued, “Sorry for lying to you. I sh-should…”

“No. No. No should’ve. It’s not all your fault, Keeley. I owe you an apology, too.” She leaned within kissing distance and he sweetly pulled out of range. Next, he hit his knees before her but never broke eye contact. “I failed you. I let you down. I broke a promise. A man is nothing without his word. I violated that in the most dishonorable of ways.” More tears streamed down her beautiful face as she shook her head. “Yes, I did. You know it’s true.” His hand was now above her left breast against her heart. He felt it beating harder. “You feel it,” not a little awe in his voice laced with hope. “Let me make it up to you. Show you how sorry I am. Prove to you that your love is enough. That we can work through this and be stronger.” Her breathing hitched but she was still shaking her head. “Your darkness doesn’t scare me, Tigress. Please, can I have another chance to prove that to you?” He waited on baited breath. This was it. That question determined it all.

Their future.
Their love.
She held his heart in the palm of her tiny hand.

God, the man was breathtaking. She did not deserve him. The kind thing to do would be to set him free. But her heart, her soul refused. “I’ve made mistakes. Some…unforgivable.” Her head dropped while she stared at the floor.

Firm fingers lifted her chin. “Look at me, Keeley Ann Kincaid.” She didn’t want to. Had no desire to see his disappointment or chastisement. Again, she focused in another direction.
He sighed heavily. “You’re killing me here, Viper. Please look at me,” he begged.

That got her attention and brought her tear filled gaze to his. What she saw stole her breath.
Unadulterated love danced in his gorgeous emerald eyes. Brighter from the unshed tears he held at bay. She couldn’t help but study how they clung to his thick raven lashes. For her. He was pleading for her forgiveness, for her love. For a second chance. “All that is shattered can be mended,” she barely whispered and locked her little fingers around his large ones on her chin, shifting them away.

Fire (Beautiful Ashes, Book 2)
US http://amzn.to/2chia0D
UK http://amzn.to/2cbjcYR
AU http://amzn.to/2cIZNwL
CA http://amzn.to/2cAH4Yl
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Light Ecover[103802]

Beautiful Ashes Series
Book 3
by Lora Ann
Genre: Steamy Dark Romance,

New Adult & College Romance, Supernatural Thriller


Tar’s lost in the halls of his own mind.
His body haunted by desires, his heart burning with a strange, familiar fire.
All he can think about is tasting her, knowing her, owning her.
But especially remembering her.

Light Teaser[103803]


Trepidation filled her as she approached him, sleeping. She was cautious, leaning over and
whispering in his ear, “I’ll always love you,” before kissing the side of his mouth. Shock filled
her when a big hand fisted her hair and locked her lips to his. The kiss saying everything. Both
pulled away breathless. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Tar reached up to catch them. “What’s
wrong, Beautiful?”

“Oh, my God, you don’t remember!”
His face hardened. “I remember you giving up on us!” He pushed her away.
She crossed her arms over her chest. “What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t give up!” Her
voice rising on the last two words.
“The fuck you didn’t,” he growled. “You. Let. Go.”
Her wide-eyed gaze on his. “I couldn’t hang on. Are you actually blaming me for that?”
Her finger tapping along the brace to make her point. “I sorta had a good reason!” she yelled,
bringing Nik, E, and Lacey into the room.
E carefully eyed them. “Hey, you two need to lower your voices.”
“None of your fucking business, E,” Tar warned.
Nik stepped up. “Calm the fuck down.”
Tar’s eyes darted between the two brothers now standing in front of Keeley, forming a protective
wall. A part of him respected the hell out of them for it. Another, wanted to beat the ever-loving
shit out of them for stepping between him and the woman he loved. No matter how pissed off he
was at her, he’d never hurt her. Didn’t they know that? He looked between them and settled his
gaze on Keeley’s. “How’s your arm?”
She swallowed hard, still bewildered it was halfway healed and that she wouldn’t need the brace
for long. The doctor informed her that he didn’t see any complications arising if she took care of
herself. She recalled how, once more, he was amazed by the unexplainable phenomenon. But
Keeley knew the reason behind it all, her guardian angel. And as she stared at Tar, she knew he
too received healing. Or did he? “What happened earlier?”
“Ladies first.” His annoyance coming through for having to speak to her with bodyguards
between them.
E glanced over at Nik, nodding. They stepped to the side but close enough to help if Keeley
needed it. That was not lost on Tar as he shot both a fuck-you look, earning him a deep chuckle
from the brothers. Keeley took a step closer to the bed. “It doesn’t hurt. Breaks are clean and
“That’s odd. I would’ve thought you’d be in that brace for a good six weeks.” He angled his head
trying to figure it out.
She huffed, “Don’t look at me like that.”
His brow raised. “Like what?”
“Like I’m a freak! And what about you?” Her irritation came through loud and clear.
He reached for her hand, lightly stroking. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel foolish.”
Her other hand was gently caressing his hairline. “Your head’s okay?”
A cough interrupted them. “Listen, Tar. You promise to be a good boy?” E quirked a brow at
“Yes, Dad,” Tar retorted.
Nik added, “You better.”
E chuckled and nudged Nik out of the room.
Lacey was still sitting in a chair. “Okay if I go?” she asked Keeley.
“We’re good,” Keeley replied, gazing into Tar’s amazing emeralds.
Lacey politely closed the door behind her to give them privacy.
“Come here,” Tar’s voice rumbled low as he pulled Keeley to him.
She was now on top of him looking down at his handsome face. “Are you going to explain?”
He cupped her jaw. “Just a concussion, which brought on a killer headache.”
“Why were so many people in here then?” Her fingers threading his hair.
“They thought I was a danger to myself.” He leaned up to tenderly nip along her lips.
Her breathing hitched. “More like to me.”
His tongue softly stroked the outside of her mouth. “That too.”
“And the flash back you had?” She parted her lips more to give him access.
“Common,” he growled before accepting her invitation.
With each slide of their tongues, grip of their hands, Tar and Keeley were forgiving each other.

Love mingled with need. Bodies demanding their union. Neither caring that anyone could walk in on them. The moment belonged to them and them alone.

Light (Beautiful Ashes, Book 3)
US http://amzn.to/2l8W67u
UK http://amzn.to/2kMTQXl
AU http://amzn.to/2m8ioKG
CA http://amzn.to/2lM8VrH
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About Lora Ann

Lora is a Missouri native who relocated to California as a teen. She spent several years as an international flight attendant for a major airline before taking on her greatest job ever, a stay-at-home mom. She resides in Kentucky with her family and has taken on her newest adventure, writing.

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