HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2018, To All my Friends and Colleagues Have A Great Holiday with Friends and Family from The book addict! @WhittyCheryl



Christmas 2018 IMG-20181219-WA0005

Here we are coming to the end of 2018, its been an awful year for my family and I. We lost my baby sister to cancer , and 3 of our beloved family members to old age and the whole they leave in your life. I  have been suffering all year with kidney disease and complications from my own struggle with cancer. I haven’t been able to expand my blog as I wanted, on a positive side I kicked my Goodreads Book Challenge at last count by 87 books 287 so far. My AudioBook Challenge was for 80 books The total is 150 at the moment.

Christmas gif snowball fight

So on a positive note reading has saved my sanity YET AGAIN!

The light in my life are my grandchildren. So I LOOK FORWARD to a better 2019.

Happy Holidays to you all !



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